Edible Images

Edible Image Rates & Policies

UPDATED 12/1/19

If you need an edible image you MUST email the image and details to SHedibleimages@gmail.com

at least 2 business days before the date the image is to be picked up. 

Please keep in mind that email is checked once between 11am-5pm Monday through Friday.

It is up to you to call and verify that it was received and can be processed. 

Due to scheduling we are currently not taking same day orders.

See below for other fees that may apply

Please plan accordingly, you can save yourself lots of $ by emailing ready to print documents in a word or PDF format,

using images that are high resolution and submitting them ahead of time.

Please note that if you send a PDF document we will not be able to do any type of editing to your document

should you need to make any changes. 

    • $10 per sheet standard printable area of sheet is 8x10 
  • LEGAL SIZE SHEETS (out of stock until 1/1/20)
    • $15 per sheet printable area is 8x13​ 
  • LARGE SIZE SHEETS (Out of stock until 1/1/20)
    • $20 per sheet area is 11.5 by 15.5​ (fits perfectly on a half sheet cake)
  • Same day printing:  $5 additional per sheet (time permitting)
  • Editing fees start at $10 per hour and will be added for images that need to be doctored in any way (other than simple cropping or adding text) OR images that have not been provided and require Sweet House staff to search, find, and create the edible image for the customer. 
  • Edible images should be emailed to:  SHedibleimages@gmail.com
    • Emails must be sent and received (11am - 5pm PST Tuesday - Saturday) in order to be processed the next day.  We cannot guarantee next day orders on images sent after close of business.  
    • Each e-mail MUST INCLUDE:  Size of each image needed, number of each image needed, any text you would like added to the image, contact name, and phone number.
    • If the image needs to be maniuplated in anyway, including cropping or adding of text, images must be in .jpeg or .png format.  
  • If an image is printed for you and you fail to pick it up, no images will be printed for you until that balance is paid in full.  You will be required to prepay for all images from that point on.
  • Sweet House will not print copyrighted images or logos or any images with a watermark.
  • Sweet House cannot manipulate the image including but not limited to:  removal of text or changing of background image or color.
  • Sweet House suggests that the image size have a resolution of at least 500x500.  Sweet House is not responsible for any images that are distorted due to low resolution.
  • Discount pricing applies ONLY to standard size 8x10 sheets
  • Does not include editing or rush fees
  • Sheets must be prepaid 
  • Fees are non refundable and non transferable 
Screenshots are NOT acceptable images for printing.  You must download the desired image and send it in either jpg. or png. format.
  • If you send square or rectangular images and request them to be made round, Sweet House cannot guarantee that the image will be as desired or that part of the image will not be cut out.  
  • The printable area of each regular size edible sheet is approximately 8x10"  
  • Sweet House will provide you with one re-closeable bag for your edibles.  
  • Please bring this bag with you each time you pick up new images or you will be charged $1 for an additional bag. 
  • Sweet House does it's best to maintain a supply of edible paper and ink on hand.  However, there are times when we get large orders that will cause us to unexpectedly run out of paper or ink.  When this occurs, we fulfill orders on a first come, first serve basis.  Please plan ahead to avoid any issues.
  • Please be aware that sometimes technical difficulties occur with the printer.  If this occurs, Sweet House will do its best to fix the problem as quickly as possible in order to fulfill orders.   
  • Images that have large areas of solid color tend to sometimes print splotchy, this can't really be avoided as an icing sheet can not absorb ink at the same rate as a regular sheet of paper therefore causing splotchy or spotted printing. Or it may also drag and create lines in other areas of the sheet.