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Our puffcorn is made in small batches to ensure quality. it's coated in a rich buttery sweet and salty melt in your mouth delicious caramel.
Then IT'S baked to crispy perfection!
just like our any visit to our fabulous
city of Las vegas we are here to make your 
snacking experience fabulous too!

We offer individual cones, party trays, and puffcorn buffets. They also make great client gifts or amenity.

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This yummy snack mix has pretzels, chex cereals, honey comb and of course our signature caramel puffs. It's sweet & has just a touch spice.

Guaranteed to have you wishing you had more!


Affectionately named after my late uncle

Jesus "Chucho" who always

had the best business advice,

was super supportive and encouraging

of everything I did.  We miss him dearly but

hope to honor his memory and

do him proud with what  we're doing! 


Please keep in mind that Las Vegas has 110+ degree weather all day every day during the summer months. (July-Sept)

So any puffs flavors that contain chocolate WILL melt! For this reason we don't typically offer them when vending at craft markets, farmers markets or craft fairs. But you are welcome to special order them & also some of our retail partners may carry them from time to time but do understand that they will probably melt as soon as you step out into the heat. However a few minutes in your fridge will firm the chocolate back up and they'll be ready to enjoy! Just make sure to not leave them in too long as the moisture in your fridge can make the puffs a little chewy. Always store the puffs in a cool dry place.

Be sure to follow our social media pages for up to date event info.

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