Sweet House may no longer be a brick and mortar store but we are still gladly at your service!
We are still printing edible images, teaching classes and helping our Las Vegas baking community in whatever way we can.
Many of you may already be familiar with the faces behind "Sweet House" but if you're just finding us, we'd like to share a little bit about us. 
We are a mother daughter team made up of Pastry Chef Nilda and self proclaimed chocoholic, dessert loving mom Maria aka "Everybody's Mama"
We have almost 20 years of industry experience and it was my mother's love of all things sweet that brought me over to the dark side! LOL! In the mid 90's Mom honed her skills working in a gourmet chocolate shop inside of the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace and then in early 2000 she ventured on her own and opened her own business making beautiful gift baskets filled with delicious gourmet treats. As her shop got busier she enlisted my help to which I was reluctant to join in as I was already busy with a day job and a part time dream job in radio promotions. But, it was my mom and how could I say no?
One day our local children's museum that I worked at for many years as a teen asked if we knew of someone who could make cakes for their birthday parties. It just so happened that at the time we were sub leasing our kitchen space to a gal who made cakes. So we worked out a contract and we added cake to our list of services. However a few months into the contract the baker had some family trouble and a 2nd job and decided taking on the museum cakes just wasn't something she had time for. I panicked as we had a contract to fulfill, so she offered to train me to decorate. I quickly declined, I was NOT a decorator, I wasn't in to baking and had no idea what cake decorating entailed. But determined not to break our contract and let my old museum family down, I reluctantly agreed to learn. Needless to say my first attempts were horrible but I got lucky that the museum never sent them back! We actually made their cakes for 4 years! In that time I got lots of practice and when my mom closed her shop in 2005 I was intrigued enough to start looking at learning more. I took a beginning baking class at the College Of Sourthern Nevada and felt way over my head, the chef was extremely tough and I was convinced I would fail, but the Chef was encouraging and said I shouldn't give up. So I continued on taking a few classes here and there never fully jumping in and played it safe by not giving up my day job. Cake dacorating became a part time hobby. 
It wasn't until my "day office job" boss at the Venetian called me in the office and told me that although I did enough to get by he knew I didn't belong in an office and encouraged me to transfer to the hotel's bakery. The thought terrified me! There was no way that my hobby would qualify me to work with people who had gone and completeled culinary degrees and had years of experience! 
Need help with a technique? 
We are available for hire to teach demos, group classes and  private classes.
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